MetFY3х Processor software.

This software is based on the excellent CCSDS library of Paul from Australia.

It is used to unpacking CADU frames satellite Metop-A/B, FY3A/3B and extract useful data from them:

Using the program is very simple. You just need to specify the source file: File -> Open...

Next, indicate the need for procedures de-randomization and Reed-Solomon decode. Press -> Process for start.


For correct operation of the program, it is necessary that the path of the data was not very long. Make it short, for example: D :\ RAW\...

Also important is the structure of the file name. The file name should be like:





* If you use my program Binreaders for recording data from SLM-7650 modem, the correct name of the file will be created automatically.


In a log window, you can see information about the processing of frames.

If you want to see the full information on the individual stages processing, you can set the checkbox in Settings -> Debug:

But be aware that the output of the complete information increases the processing time!


Opening Settings -> MetOp-A/B or FY3A/3B you can see the default settings for the satellites:


You can change it for other virtual channels (VCID).


Processing CADU frame consists of:

1. Search ASM (synchro markers) 1A CF FC 1D and de-randomization.

2. Reed-Solomon decoding.

3. VCID selection.

4. MPDU checking.

5. APID packet building.

6. Creating .hpt file for Metop-A/B or file .C10 for chinese FY3A/3B.

After each operation, is generated the intermediate file, that you can see:

1. cvcdu.pn

2. vcdu.rs

3. vcdu_x.vcd

4. mpdu_x.mpd

5. APIDxxx_packet.pkt


The resulting .hpt or .C10 files you can view using the excellent program HRPT Reader by David Taylor.

The beta version HRPT Reader support the chinese satellites FY3A/3B/3C, also support satellite Metop-A -B.

The result:


For training, you can download the raw data: MetopA_2012-09-22_113446.bin

or FY3B_2012-05-01_141955.bin

( *** Please, uncheck De-Randomization during processing this FY3B file !).


The software is available for download here: MetFY3x Processor.


Previous beta version available here: MetFY3x Beta. (added Meteor MN2 processing, re-design ASM search algorithm).

( ***** Please, uncheck Settings->MeteorMN2-> Manchester decoding, if you not have manchester encoding file ).


Updated beta version v.0.4.6 MetFY3xBeta046


Added Meteor MN2-2 satellite to processing, filename input file, like MN22_2019-01-21_125823.bin


Manchester decoder by default is ON.


Command line for remote processing, example:

MetFy3x.exe MetopB_2015-02-02_101505.bin DR_y RS_y MN_n MET_n

here, DR_y De-Randomization is ON, DR_n De-Randomization is OFF

RS_y Reed Solomon is ON, RS_n Reed Solomon is OFF

MN_y Manchester decoder is ON, MN_n Manchester decoder is OFF

MET_n if this parameter is present, for Metop processing use APID104 (nigth).

After successfull processing, program form close.



-------------------------------- Update 21 Jul 2019 ---------------------------------