Construction of the new "old" receiver HPR-137 for (C)(M)HRPT. (---- Update July 2012----)

In connection with the new decoder and satellite, it became necessary to modify the receiver. Was based on the old sheme HPR-137. The modification consists of adding a new selector KSH-148, control module (ATMega8+LCD16x2) and the necessary switching.

Assembled receiver HPR-137 with Aoyama decoder:

Figure of printed circuit boards here >>>.

In CPU module using ATMega8 (TQFP32) . I recomended LCD WH1602J.

Firmware and sources >>>.

The receiver used in conjunction with the downconverter converts the 1691 MHz to 137.5 MHz. Thus IF = 1553.5 MHz. Supported frequencies, and switches (for the decoder):

1700.4 MHz FY-1D CHRPT SW-A(off) SW-B(on)
1702.5 MHz NOAA-15 HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1698.0 MHz NOAA-19/17/16 HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1707.0 MHz NOAA-18 HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1700.0 MHz Meteor-M N1 MHRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(off)
1704.5 MHz FY-3A / 3B HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1701.3 MHz Metop-A HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1691.0 MHz Meteosat-7 / 8 HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1695.15MHz Meteosat - 9 HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)
1707.9 MHz TATYANA2 HRPT SW-A(on) SW-B(on)

Img1. During the reception, Meteor-M N1.

Excellent image obtained with Meteor-M N1, NOAA, FY1D.

Meteor-M N1 2011-01-13 10h34m rgb-corrected


NOAA19 2011-01-12 13h18m rgb-corrected




The original level meter was working very badly because temperature drift. I've updated this unit by adding a U10 LT5537 chip.

The result - was a very accurate measuring:

A new scheme:

I spent the calibration level, using the Rohde&Schwarz FSL-6 analyzer:

Here: dBm - level at the receiver input, V - RSSI voltage, S - data displayed on the LCD.

There is no temperature dependence. Stable readings.

New firmware and source are available here....

Also, LCD has been replaced, with a new backlight:


New summer image:




------------------------Upd. Jul 2012-----------------------