Binreader / FY3x Decoder v2.0 board.

  Warning, electrostatic sensitive device!!!
Everything you do, you do at your own risk! The author is not responsible for your actions.

Board is working together with a modem SLM-7650.

Main advantages:

- direct recording a binary stream from the modem to the hard drive.

- search sync word (1ACFFC1D) and descrambling.

- double Viterbi decoder with preprocessing for decoding FY3A, FY3B and FY3C satellites.

- displaying status (LOCK Viterbi 1, 2 and ASM found) via LEDs.

- large FPGA for the ability to upgrade in the future.


A short installation guide:

1. Power OFF, and disconnect all cables from the modem SLM-7650.

2. The board is mounted with two screws, see image

3. For internal connections between modem board and decoder see scheme

4. Solder soft decision SLM-7650 demodulator outputs ( R0_0, R0_1, R0_2, R1_0, R1_1, R1_2, SYM_CLK and GND ) to the inputs of the board "Binreader".

For reference see image and a description of the pins chip U99

Need to solder directly! The wiring length is minimal !!! As the photo:


5.On the board modem find the resistors 486 and 473. Remove these resistors and soldered to the corresponding side.

The right side of the resistor 486 is designated R486, left side is L486. For resistor 473 have R473 and L473, respectively.

Do this carefully, do not overheat !


Also, do not forget to solder the ground.


6. Solder binary output SLM-7650 modem: clock RT_OUT and data RD_OUT and GND.


7. For visualization of the sync word capture modes "ASM" or Viterbi1,2 lock, need three LEDs.

Fix them on front of the modem. I did so:

Connect the LEDs to the corresponding connectors (P3 and P7) board.


8. Power +5v. Solder directly to the power wires.

Before switching ON, recheck the polarity!!!


9. Connect USB cable and power ON modem SLM-7650. If need be, install the driver >>>. How to do this, see here >>>.


10. To write a binary stream to the hard disk using a program Binreaders v. 0.6 and above.

Choosing a satellite in drop list, you hereby controlled manner. When selecting satellites FY3A, FY3B and FY3C - switch FY3x decoder ON (dual Viterbi decoder and preprocessor is ON):

For all other satellites, the mode - bypass. The data is written directly from the modem.

But, if the in stream is present a synchronization word (1ACFFC1D), the preprocessor locked it (led ASM is ON ) and de-scrambling the frame.

This will be done for satellites Meteosat-9 -10 and Metop-A -B.

Version software Binreaders 0.6 available here >>>>>>.

Update version software Binreaders 0.7.1 available here >>>>>> ( added Meteor MN2-2 satellite ).


11. For view binary data and  view binary stream on the period 8192 bits you can use software called  BinViewer. More detail >>>.

Latest version software BinViewer available here >>>>>>.

Remark: You can not use these two programs at the same time, as the speed of the host USB limited. Use the programs for write-only, or for view-only.


12. Instructions "How to receive chinese FY3x satellites" see >>>.


All software is tested with the use of operating systems Windows XP-32 and Windows 7-32.



-------------------------------- Update 21 Jul 2019 ---------------------------------